Welcome to SSE’s Machining division, where precision and excellence converge. Equipped with cutting-edge machinery and unrivaled capabilities, we are poised to transform your ideas into reality. Join us as we guide you through our impressive range of equipment, each designed to deliver unparalleled results.

  • Horizontal boring Machine
  • Radial drilling machine
  • Vertical turret milling machine
  • CNC turning center
  • Vertical machining center
  • Heavy duty lathe
  • Crane with a capacity of 5tons

Prepare for unparalleled accuracy with our high-precision machines, serving a range of industries including heavy machinery manufacturing, automobile, shipbuilding, and railways. Our resources allow us to seamlessly drill holes at various angles, ensuring your specific requirements are met. With multi-axis capabilities, we excel in complex part production using diverse materials.

Get ready to be amazed by our awe-inspiring 3D machining, where intricate parts are crafted with unmatched precision. Achieving high-speed operations and flawless surface finishes, our machines effortlessly handle intricate geometries. Trust in our robust construction as we cater to your large-scale turning needs. Our crane capability optimizes workflow by skillfully maneuvering heavy components weighing up to 5 tons. At SSE, safety is our utmost priority, as we adhere to stringent protocols to maintain a secure working environment.

Embark on a precision engineering journey with us, where your visions materialize into tangible accomplishments. Contact us today to unlock the pinnacle of excellence in fabrication and machining at SSE. Together, we will surpass all expectations and redefine what’s possible.


In SSE Nitriding We Pioneers in Machining and Fabrication, Embracing a New Era of Excellence in Salt Bath Ferritic Nitrocarburizing For over three decades, SSE has stood as a beacon of excellence in machining and fabrication. Now, with our sights set on a new horizon, we’re introducing a cutting-edge dimension to our repertoire: Salt Bath Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC).

SSE is excited to be your partner of choice. With a fresh perspective, and a commitment to excellence, we’re here to help you achieve remarkable results for your components.

A Legacy of Expertise: With a rich history spanning more than 30 years in machining and fabrication, SSE has earned a reputation for precision, quality, and reliability. Our seasoned team of experts brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to every project.